A Guide to Buying Fresh Oysters

There is a reason why the raw bar is loved by many whenever visiting a seafood restaurant. Just imagine the array of fresh oysters beautifully laid out on the bed of glittering crushed ice that is just waiting to be detached gently from its gleaming shells. This additionally makes the oysters the best party food. But while everyone do love its plump sweet meat, no one would ever want to be served with a bad one. So to avoid such, here's a quick way on how to pick fresh oysters.
Number 1. Know your suppliers - oysters are perishable and for that, it is essential that you make a wise purchase from any reputable and known suppliers that are specializing in oysters. Read more about Oysters from www.crabdynasty.com. Buying oysters straight from the fish market or seafood supplier is always the better choice than buying from a supermarket. This not just helps you avoid dealing with a middleman but also, it helps ensuring that you're making a fresh pick.
Number 2. Clean fresh smell - when you are buying oysters, it's important that you have purveyor open one right in front of you prior to buying them. Fresh oysters must be full of clean ocean water and at the same time, have that neutral mineral smell. If it has a strong, unpleasant and funky odor, don't even dare eating it raw.
Number 3. Never buy oysters that are kept in tanks - the advantage of oysters is brine or what others refer to as "liquor". Click www.crabdynasty.com to read more about Oysters. When people store them in tanks, they washed all the flavor and the brine out of the oysters. This as a result is replaced with the unsanitary tank water. It additionally makes the oysters to live longer however, it considerably diminishes its quality.
Number 4. Do not save it for the last - the saying of keeping the best for last isn't applicable for oysters. As a matter of fact, oysters are ideally consumed within a day to consider it safe. One great way of storing oysters is at zero degrees with just a bit of crushed ice over a perforated pan. There must be enough drainage and elevation under perforation so by that, oysters don't swim in stagnant water.
Number 5. Best ways of serving an oyster - everybody just enjoy their oyster in their own way. One way of serving oysters is naked to which there's nothing on with it or just a zest of lemon juice. For a plump meaty oyster, a bit Tabasco does not hurt. Learn more from https://www.britannica.com/animal/oyster.